"I have seen many doctors and been told I have rosacea, dermatitis, allergies to food, allergies to animals - but have never been cured. I tried steroid creams and antibiotics and after two long years of using only water on my face , my skin was still itching beyond belief. My skin was so bad that I lost all my confidence and couldn't even leave the house.

Then, one day, I was standing in Boots, looking straight at Salcura Zeoderm and thought why not, it can't get any worse. I took it home and applied it straight away and within hours the itching stopped and my face felt wonderful for being moisturized. Everything else I had tried in the last two years made my face worse. After my first night's sleep without itching in two years, I ordered more Zeoderm and face wash online. I've never looked back. I've finally got my life back again."

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The psoriasis became so bad that my hair began to fall out