Customer Success

Word of mouth and personal testimony have been a key part of our success from humble beginnings. People find our products so effective that they are compelled not just to tell their friends but also to write to us and tell us about their Salcura experience! We get dozens of positive emails on a weekly basis and love hearing from our customers – some of which have given permission for us to share their story with the world.

We have picked out a few customers as 'Star Testimonials' alongside a selection of other randomly selected quotes taken from emails and letters sent by other customers. Click on any of our 'Star Testimonials' to read the full story and find out which Salcura products they used.

*results may vary across individuals

Inspiring Stories from people with problem skin

Kirsty's success story

Mom of two Kirsty always had sensitive skin but never experienced serious problems until she went through a stressful divorce. "The psoriasis became so bad on my scalp that my hair began to fall out."

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Trina's success story

Trina suffered with terrible eczema for years before finally finding a treatment that worked. "I was standing in Boots, looking straight at Salcura Zeoderm and thought, why not, it can't get any worse."

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Vicky's success story

Vicky's husband and baby son Jack both have eczema. "My husband's eczema would flare-up when he was stressed – like when he was planning his stag night!"

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Lynda's success story

Lynda and Marcel's daughter, Honey, was 2½ months old when she started getting eczema. "Honey's skin was so bad we didn't go on holiday for years for fear of her skin flaring up away from home."

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I have actually cried with relief that my skin has stopped itching From the moment my husband got me the bottle of Salcura 'Intensive' I have not looked back The psoriasis became so bad that my hair began to fall out