Is rosacea making you miserable?

The skin condition rosacea, often referred to as adult acne or acne rosacea, is a painful and embarrassing red rash that can really impact on sufferers' lives.

Symptoms often include:

  • An unsightly redness on your cheeks, forehead and nose that can affect your self-esteem, making you anxious in social situations
  • Regular crops of small red bumps that make you feel like a teenager with acne

Do these sound familiar?

There are a range of traditional roseacea treatments on the market, but you might not like the idea of taking antibiotics, applying thick rosacea moisturizer or paying for expensive light therapy. If you’re looking for natural skin care for rosacea, give Salcura a try. If you don’t see a difference after 60 days, we’ll give you your money back.

Why is Salcura different?

Natural Skin Care for Rosacea

Salcura products are safe, gentle, and natural and can even be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Pure ingredients such as sea buckthorn, tea tree and sandalwood oils are gentle on your rosacea, and there are no harsh chemicals or known side-effects.

Long Term Results

Whether you’re after a quick fix for an embarrassing facial flare-up or an effective, natural solution to help manage your rosacea long-term, there’s a Salcura product for you. And if you’re not satisfied, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Easy to Apply

Forget thick, messy lotions or moisturizer for rosacea that feels greasy on your skin and in your hair. Our best-selling Antiac Acne Clearing Spray is light, quick to spritz on and absorbs fast. It’s ideal for keeping in your bag or on your desk for when the redness strikes.

*results may vary across individuals

Our bestselling product for rosacea?

The redness is easing!

I tried Salcura Antiac Acne Clearing Spray because, at 49, after years of perfect skin, I now have acne rosacea. At my wits’ end, I picked up a free sample at a health food store and already the redness is easing and my skin looks noticeably clearer.


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