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Bioskin Junior Reviews

At Salcura we love to hear from all of our customers and what they think of our products. We also like to show potential customers what other people in their position have been through and also how our products have helped them and their families.

Please look through some of the reviews of the Bioskin Junior Range that come from our parent company in the UK where Bioskin Junior was originally launched. If you want to read more reviews on a certain product then simply click through to the product itself. As always if you have any questions on any of our products then feel free to contact us.

Bioskin Junior ‘Review of the Month’

Thank you to Gemma for her review of our Bioskin Junior products.

Gemma used the Daily Nourishing Spray, the Outbreak Rescue Cream and the Bath Milk.

"After around 3 days a significant difference could be seen in the condition of his skin.I then began using the daily nourishing spray on a morning and on an evening. This product is amazing!"

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Gemma has also created a video blog about the products used.
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Daily Nourishing Spray

“What a Relief!”

“Well after all this time (Nearly 5 Years) We have finally found a product that works and doesn't cause my son to scream the house down everytime I apply it. Slowly but surely the Eczema is clearing and as we make it a fun game when we apply it makes it so much easier. Happy Days!”

Reviewed by Sassysam78 on 2015-02-13 12:18:50

Outbreak Rescue Cream

“Works Wonders!”

“Brought instant relief to our 4 month old's eczema and within 24 hours his eczema was almost non-existent. Had been previously prescribed steroids by the doctor but this achieved better results and much more quickly. Would definitely recommend this product.”

Reviewed by Amy K on 2015-02-21 19:28:36

Bath Milk


“Amazing results from first use. Wish we'd taken before and after photos. Works for him so much better than anything the GP prescribed. ”

Reviewed by kmpearson on 2015-02-19 09:15:34

Conditioning Shampoo

“I use this on me!”

“Meant for my children, which it's very good on, I went on to try it on myself. I suffer terribly from dry, itchy scalp - especially in the winter - but this has stopped it completely! Highly recommend...whether it be for you or your children. ;-) ”

Reviewed by Happyskin on 2015-01-05 13:43:50

Face & Body Wash

“Well worth the money!”

“We've used this alongside the bath milk, both of which I have found incredible on my son's awful, dry skin. But I've also noticed that the skin on my own hands, that normally cracks and bleeds due to dry skin in the winter months, has also been transformed! I've not had any dry / cracked skin - the only difference has been placing this daily on to my kids' skin using my hands compared to my routine last winter. So this product has not only sorted out my son's skin, but my own hands too! Double whammy when it comes to value for money! Highly recommend. ”

Reviewed by Happyskin on 2015-01-05 13:40:22