Eczema and your Family

The effects of eczema are more than skin deep!

10-20% of infants in the US now suffer from eczema, and in eight of ten cases, it occurs before a child reaches the age of five. Yet today, the condition still remains largely under the radar, with parents struggling to find suitable advice or treatment to help improve quality of life.

You’re Not Alone!

To help us understand parents’ experiences with eczema, Salcura surveyed more than 800 parents of children with eczema across the UK, not only examining the impact eczema has on a child, but also looking at the knock-on effect on their parent and siblings.

Here is what our research uncovered:

On the subject of eczema sleep

Eczema Stats

Almost three quarters of families we surveyed said their child had experienced disturbed sleep due to eczema, and a third of siblings, and two thirds of parents say they struggle to get a full night’s sleep too as they can be disturbed by a restless eczema suffering child. 35% of parents questioned believed their child’s behaviour at school is affected by this lack of sleep.


On the subject of eczema school

Eczema Stats

Our research found that a quarter of parents think their child had experienced bullying as a result of their eczema, and just over a quarter believe
their child’s education is suffering because of their eczema.


On the subject of eczema parents/guardians

Eczema Stats

Salcura’s research found that a third of parents have had to take time off work to care for a child with eczema and a quarter of parents believe their performance at work has also been affected. A quarter of parents surveyed also suggested that the stress and trauma of having a child witheczema has caused friction and arguments with their partners.


On the subject of eczema family activities

Eczema Stats

A quarter of parents we surveyed said that their child’s eczema dictated the location of annual holidays. 58% of children with eczema were sometimes unable to participate in swimming activities - such was the concern of exposing eczema skin to chlorine, and 44% said that the whole family didn’t go swimming as a result. Almost a third said the topic of swimming caused arguments and resentment in the family. Finally, over a third of families reported that eczema made it difficult for their child to stay overnight with friends or relatives.


On the subject of eczema support from GPs and the NHS

Our research discovered that 60% of parentssurveyed think current treatments on offer for eczema are not effective, and 67% say GP’s don’t offer adequate advice on eczema.

75% of parents we surveyed believe the NHS in general is failing to provide adequate support to eczema sufferers and their families, and 86% of parents admit to feeling “helpless and upset” when their child is suffering from an eczema flare-up.

  • 60% believe the current treatments on offer are not effective.
  • 67% say GPs don’t offer adequate advice on eczema.
  • 75% believe the NHS is failing to provide adequate support.
  • 43% have treated their children with creams without checking the ingredients.
  • 86% parents admit to feeling “helpless and upset” when their child is suffering
     from an eczema flare up.

Salcura’s research highlights one major thing – YOU ARE NOT ALONE in coping with a child with eczema, and many many parents and carers experience the same issues!


Salcura Bioskin Junior

As a result of the research carried out amongst families of children with eczema, and years of experience in developing skin therapy products, Salcura decided to create Bioskin Junior.

The Bioskin Junior range offers steroid-free, regular use, gentle and effective products for children and babies over 3 months old who are prone to eczema and severe skin dryness.