How does acne affect you?

We know that living with acne can be miserable, whether you're a teenage or adult sufferer. In our research, we found that there were three main issues you contend with.

You told us:

  • Acne is affecting your self-esteem. It makes you feel unattractive and embarrassed by your appearance.
  • Whether it's applying thick concealing make-up, trying countless acne creams or wearing clothes that cover your blemishes, you've had enough of acne taking over your life.
  • You want a natural acne solution. You don't like taking prescribed drugs or using strong chemical ingredients that can make your skin red and sensitive.


Before Antiac Treatments

*results may vary across individuals


After Antiac Treatments

If you can relate to any of these, you haven't found the right treatment...yet

Why will Salcura work for you?

Natural and Safe

Salcura Antiac is a natural acne treatment that contains no harsh chemicals, only plant-based ingredients such as sea buckthorn, tea tree and sandalwood oils. Our products have no known side-effects and can be used for any age and skin type, even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Proven Results

Rated the best acne treatment on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies in the United Kingdom, Antiac is just as effective as a fast-acting fix for spots as it is a long-term acne solution. If you don't agree that Antiac is the best treatment for acne, we have a no-hassle, 60-day money-back guarantee.

Just One Solution

There's no need for countless acne creams, gels and washes. Triple-action Salcura Antiac works in three ways to deeply cleanse your skin while soothing inflammation and targeting bacteria at the same time. All in one.

I can't live without it

I have tried everything in the past to fix my spots, from benzoyl peroxide to contraceptive pills. I was dubious about how effective a natural acne treatment would be, but my complexion is smoother and my whiteheads have reduced massively.


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